Learning and practice of aircraft procedures

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Course description

The “learning and practicing of aircraft procedures” module is built around two main learning objectives: (i) to learn new aircraft procedures and (ii) to train to execute the sequence of corresponding actions and gestures autonomously.

With this training device you’ll learn the sequence of actions to execute for a fictious procedure in an A320 aircraft. The objective is to test the principle of learning and practicing procedures with such a device. It has been designed to help the autonomous learning and practice of aircraft procedures.

You’ll start with a familiarization phase in order to learn to use the virtual reality device and the various interaction modes. Then you’ll start the learning of a fictious procedure. You’ll be able to choose between a “discovery mode”, a “learner mode” and an “expert mode”. In the “discovery mode”, the written procedure is shown in the view (without hiding the cockpit) and each element to check or modify is systematically shown through an illuminated path and a halo light. In the “learning mode”, the elements are no longer highlighted. When a correct/erroneous action is executed, you’ll receive an auditory feedback. In the “expert mode”, the written procedure is hidden, and you’ll have to execute the procedure autonomously. After the last step of the procedure, the you’ll receive a summary feedback comprising the total number of errors and the total time used to execute the procedure. Therefore, you may assess how your performance improves while practicing the procedure.

Nadine Matton