"Houston we have a problem": problem solving and decision making

Content language:English
Course description

This training will enable trainees to potentiate their problem-solving and decision-making skills, in order to solve problems more efficiently and make better decisions in professional and personal life.


No prerequisites are needed


The trainee at the end of the course will be able to:

  • Understand how problem solving and decision making interrelate
  • Understand different strategies of problem solving and decision-making
  • Apply in daily life problem solving and decision-making tools

The contents of the whole training will be:

  • Understanding the concepts of problem solving and decision-making
  • How our brain works: System 1 and System 2
  • Self-knowledge: How do I solve problems and make decisions?
  • How to solve problems: The IDEA model
  • Making good decisions: The process to maximize it 
  • Cognitive Biases in decision-making: Our mind tricks
  • Techniques and Strategies to support in solving a problem and making a decision

The topics will be covered in 4 video lessons, which are complemented by WorkBooks.




During the training the participants will fill out the following exercises:

Multiple choice questions

Case study: Case study exercises commonly present trainees with real problems faced by professionals in the real world. Usually, students are provided with a set of documents/information outlining a specific problem or situation, requiring the trainee to formulate a plan of action to solve/address the issue. 

Glossary exercise: it aims to assess the trainees’ comprehension of the key concepts of each lesson. Considering that, each student MUST insert AND define 2/3 concepts per lesson, which they learned and identified as crucial. 

Concept map: Similar to a web that gives a visual representation of a students’ comprehension of a specific topic and the relations that they can make between different concepts. 

Other exercises to stimulate learning and participation.

Barbara Sani, Marta Pinto
Video professors
Prof. Marta Pinto -
List of video lessons